Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Barbaians in end game PvP

I've been thinking today about what we will be doing at level 80, PvP wise, and how I felt about it. I'm pretty happy that I think we will be able to excel in a variety of situations including large and small group, solo and stealth.

For group PvP, from 6v6 to 48v48 I think Barbs will always be welcome to the group. We provide high melee DPS and great CC. In these situations, I think our role will be stealthing (once we can do it while group is in combat) behind the enemies front line and CCing their healers/nukers. From that point we can begin DPSing their melee. This is a role that appeals to me and hopefully, as a class, we will be able to do it well.

One of my favorite aspects of PvP based games (specifically, Dark Age of Camelot) is to stealth and camp a high traffic choke point. Now, I do not know what kind of playing field layouts we will be seeing at endgame, but as I also play on a PvP server, there is always somewhere to camp out and jump people. As it stands, I feel we are definitely a viable class for this playstyle also. And, of course, who can forget the stealth groups! Six characters of the Rogue archetype doing the same as I described above. Some consider it cheap.. but I consider it fun :P

It's good to know that we should be viable in almost all forms of group and solo PvP come level 80, what do you guys plan to do? How do you want to PvP with your barb?


Christopher said...

I had all of 3 days to play AoC before shipping off to work for a month at sea. So you and the Assassin forum I found are the only sources of information I can find on whats going on.
2 classes I play are assassins and Barbs. Your info is invaluable! how do u fair pvp? what classes are easy/tough?

Gokex said...

Well, the tough classes are the standard plate(heavy) armor wearing soldier classes. They negate our melee DPS pretty easily.

Apart from that, I love playing the stealthy 2Her role. Rely a lot on confusing people then using stuns to keep them locked until they die. I find it pretty effective and a lot of fun.

Healing classes are also pretty tough right now, but I think they'll be toned down in the near future.

Matto said...

Hey I rolled a barbarian on Cimmeria as well and stumbled upon your blog. The insight is awesome, especially with a game that's relatively new. Great stuff.

In game name is Matto.